I have been hedgelaying and working with wood for in excess of a decade.


I compete in hedgelaying competitions at local ploughing matches, and have entered the national hedgelaying competition since 2017  I came 2nd in class in 2019

I am membership secretary, and competition secretary for the South of England Hedgelaying Society.  I created the society website, and complete the “blog”. I have give talks on the subject.

Green woodworking

I have been working with both seasoned and fresh (green) wood for many years, and can help you get started on this amazing craft.  I make many diverse things both traditional coppice crafts (like hurdles, and besom brooms) to items turned on the pole-lathe

I co-ordinate the Kent group, organising monthly events throughout the year.  

for the national association I have just created a website, and annually provide online ticketing for our annual get-together which attracts around 450 people.

Leather working

I  have been working with leather for over 5 years, initially to  support my other hobbies (making leather tool covers. I now make a range of Leather products including leather tankards with elaborate carvings for customers, I also train people in specific techniques.


I learnt the basic blacksmithing skills while making tools for my other hobbies. I have trained a number of people on the basics, it's a great way to let off steam or get rid of work frustration, and come away with something cool you have made.