Hedge Laying

I will lay your hedges, or advise if your hedge is not suitable.  I will also advise on planting a new hedge, and maintaining your newly restored hedge.  If you are keen I will teach you how to lay a hedge.

Click here if you want to know more about hedges, or why hedgelaying is good for wildlife, and saves money, and why I would be a good choice to lay your hedge.

2017 National Competiton
Bolney hedge before
Scotney Hedge Before
Scotney Hedge After
Bolney Hedge After

Want to know a little more about hedgelaying?  This video I did with Harry Rogers Jan 2014

You can see what this hedge looked like in the months following laying. 

The bluebells had not been seen out in force for many years.

I also have an ebook available on Amazon

I'm sure this is one of their top selling books explaining how to lay hedges in the South of England Style :-)

If you want to learn hedge laying I would suggest you ask the South of England Hedgelaying Society who run courses at the start of the season, if their dates or locations don't suit I am happy to offer one to one tuition, either on your on hedge, or I can provide a hedge.

Just for fun I created a timelapse while I was at a competition a few years back, so you can see 5hrs of hedgelaying compressed in the 4 minutes. sorry about the music, I was after a Benny Hill thing, and that's what we got.