Why lay hedges

A good hedge is a wildlife sanctuary and a stock proof barrier.

What does a poor hedge look like?

Typically a poor hedge will be gappy at the bottom (or full of weeds), these gaps allow live-stock to get through.

Often a hedge will have been flailed many times in the past, sometimes leaving thick knotty growth near the top of the hedge.

The picture on the right shows a typical gappy hedge

How does hedge laying help?

Laying a hedge involves cutting into each plant, and laying it at an angle (In the South of England Style this is about 45degrees)

The cutting (Known as pleaching) is a skilled operation and creates a flexible hinge, while it seems extreme (we cut through around 80% of the stem) the plant will survive!  all the dormant buds which were on the side of the main stem will burst into life in the following spring and this re-growth creates a super thick hedge

After all the stems are laid all the gaps will be closed.  the smaller branches cover the pleachers and help prevent grazing animals from eating this tasty new growth (we prefer prickly plants like hawthorn as the thorns act as an additional deterrent).

Why use me?

Gappy hedge

I have been hedgelaying for over 6 years, having learnt with the South of England Hedgelaying Society I am the Membership and Competition Secretary, and also co-ordinate their training program.

I compete in hedgelaying competitions at local ploughing matches, and with the Society, and have entered the National Hedgelaying Society competition since 2017, and coming second in class in 2019


Example - 70m Private hedge.  Very overgrown and gappy


Thank you- James and I were so pleased to see it yesterday and how that row of overgrown mess can be transformed.  looks so good and opens up the whole space in such a nice way. Look forward to see it growing. Great you left the sign up- makes me feel -proud - 
Thank you once more.



On the left the freshly laid hedge


On the right the same hedge a few months later showing the regrowth.


Example - 300m MoD hedge.  A little on the large side.  Customer wanted to keep some regular standard, and some crossing gaps.

IMG_20200303_091553817 (1).jpg
MOD1 (1).jpg

Because of the scale of the project and the short timescales I "got a little help from my friends" - we were able to complete all 300 yards within 3 weeks.   I am able to co-opt additional good hedgelayers if required